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Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing is an international company that works with small business, home business and consultants to help them brand, re-brand and reposition themselves to generate more leads.


We have a re-branding and re-positioning system in place that is a compilation of exercises, activities, models and modalities from seminars, workshops, webinars, business coach(es), counsellors and more all compiled to make a transformational package for those entrepreneurs needing to take that next step. Typically they are home based, small business or consultants who benefit from this the best.

Package A = The Stream – works with success issues, value, passion, how we motivate ourselves and more…

Package B = The River = working on your specific niche, solutions you are offering, benefits, learning style and who your clients really are. This is so impactful as this sets the foundation to what you do with this information in all of your marketing and what you say and how you brand your business, and which clients you go after and how you position your business  out there.

Package C = The LAKE = Leveraging and marketing, leverage what is working, how to market your business to reposition yourself, your 30 second elevator speech and more…

Package D = The Ocean = business intelligence. Helps take entrepreneurs to the next level. To leverage your existing systems, processes and to take that next step. Take your solid foundation and leverage and identify your key business intelligences.

Now these exercises, activities, models and strategies that I share are compilations from 2001 when I started my own business(es).

Free Bonus material are branding exercises including key descriptive words to assist when branding and clients have used them on their websites, email marketing, social media and more.


We are also known for….

Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing is an international multi-platform Marketing company that offers innovative, unique, custom new website design. Our mobile responsive sites are revolutionizing the look and feel of new sites.

We offer domain name registration and valuable hosting and a complete marketing package for business solutions along the way to help brand, build, promote and see your business grow.


At Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing  we specialize in custom innovative website design that revolutionizes the look and feel of new website design. Our clients’ sites get noticed!

revolutionizing new website design resized for website

Marketing solutions such as animated headers, WordPress sites, mobile responsive sites, ecommerce, sitelock security, SSL certificates, to restoring compromised websites and more.

Consider Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing  as your one-stop shop for all of your internet marketing needs.


Passionately serving our clients since 2003.

If you are looking for a marketing strategy, let one of our staff help you with your options.
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