Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing works with clients to help them BRAND their business. No matter how you are marketing your business, you are BRANDING and creating an image about your business.

At every touchpoint along the way you are communicating what your business is all about. What you say about your business, where you say it, when you say it. We are here to support you, educate you and work with you on creating THE BEST and most enhanced language and visuals to display and communicate your product and services.

We offer 2 Branding packages for our clients.

We have compiled many years of business coaching, webinars, seminars, workshops, marketing, business intelligence and more into 2 packages for my clients.

The first one is a mini-branding package that will help clients get used to the idea of what BRANDING really is and how effectively it will help you generate more leads for your business. It will help you put together the key features of what it is that you are offering in ways that will connect with people in a more inspiring way.

The second System is a compilation of 4 Modules. These are set up that you work at them at your own leisure, when and where able; at your own pace.

It covers the basics of how we motivate ourselves, what our criteria for business success is and how we measure it, to further branding exercises, business intelligence and other marketing activities to get you thinking and focused more on your business direction.

Companies who have used this package are those who are in a position to totally restructure their business. From those who are starting out and need to know what to do, to say, to totally transforming their business to the next level.

This package is available for $397 + GST.

You can pay in full or 4 time payments of only $99 + GST.

With both of these packages you are welcome to call or email Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing for support and with ANY questions that you have as you go through these exercises.

Happy Branding!