Domain Name Registration

Now that you are a proud new owner of a domain name here are ideas of where to market that to inform your clients.

  • Business cards.
  • Email signature.
  • Social media
  • Letterhead
  • Fax coverletter
  • Envelopes
  • Invoices
  • Client testimonials
  • All office documents
  • Client surveys
  • Promo items – tshirts, caps, golf balls, coffee mugs, etc.
  • From the desk of pads of paper
  • Brochures
  • Front storefront window for those that apply.
  • Backdrop on wall behind customer service front reception. (gives people something to review while waiting).
  • Banner stands for trade shows.
NOTE: in order to start getting your domain name the recognition that it deserves, it is recommended that you set your internet browser (internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, google chrome, etc…) as your domain name being the home domain that opens up as a default. EVERY time you visit your site your domain name gets a better recognition and is considered more user friendly and relevant and therefore starts getting points. The more points you get, the higher in the ranking your site goes.
So inform all of your staff to do the same.

Every time your internet browser opens up you should see your site!

NOTE: you can also set them up to open up multiple pages simultaneously……
So if you like to go to an MTS page, or google search page, or weather page, or other,,, you can set them to open up all simultaneously!!!