L.A.B. Profile

One of our VERY effective services here at Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing is our L.A.B. Profile Services. Our Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile.

Each person has a built in LAB Profile and once we know what this is, then we can have a much more effective conversation with this person. They are how we have learned in our lives. No matter how old we are, we all have them. And to go along with this profile, goes specific language. And THIS language is how we have also been effected by marketing in the past and made decisions.

So when you know what profile a person is, you can have a much more engaging conversation with them.

Companies use this in their marketing strategy and content in order to influence our decision making based on their own profile to magnetize clients with their similar profile.

The more we understand this, the more effective we can be in marketing, and in our own decision making.

The basis behind LAB profile is to build rapport with your clients. Bottom line.

When you have this rapport with your clients, you have built in more trust in you and your business services.

You can then INSPIRE people to `close the sale` easier as a result of this.

When you build rapport, your life gets easier…. Once you know the effective languaging that will convince your clients to use your product/service this languaging can now be used in ALL of your MARKETING MATERIALS….

This LAB Profile service is to identify how people are `wired` and therefore everyone has certain languaging that they are more comfortable with and they are `convinced` by.

The Benefits of conducting a L.A.B. Profile:
  • Is to find out your clients profile, and therefore their language so that you can now use this in ALL of your marketing.
  • You then build easier rapport with all of them.
  • Your potential clients, your current clients, and have a more effective conversation with getting new clients.
  • You then use this language in your conversations, marketing, teach the rest of your staff, in your email marketing, email marketing signature, posters, flyers, etc…..
  • Attract your clients based on your own profile.
  • Have more effective customer service.
  • Know your own staff better and help manage them and conduct lead management easier.
  • Handle complaints in a WAY more effective manner.
  • Your language makes a difference on whether or not you make a sale.
  • Watch your sales increase.
  • I have helped clients use this to write a very impactful job application and found a perfect match for a new staff as a result. (see the attached USES and Applications document for more ideas on how to use this).

This is a VERY innovative service and the key is to conduct the LAB Profile with the BUSINESS OWNER.

People know in todays world that a business is run TOP DOWN…. So from Management down to front line staff.

This carries through to your clients…. They are magnetized by your languaging…

There are 12 categories in the Profile.

Example of language:

If you notice Dairy Queens marketing, their slogan is DQ something different….
This languaging means that their clients come for something new and different each time,,,
People typically do not go there for the same old, same old..

They try new flavors.

If you have ever gone shopping for clothes do you notice that if you go to a fitting room and try on an item,
Do you look in the mirror in the fitting room and KNOW if you like it or not, or do you go outside and ask your friend what they think.

If you KNOW,, this means that you are an INTERNAL processor and your language would be - Only you can decide, you know its up to you, what do you think, you might want to consider

If you are EXTERNAL you like language such as: so and so thinks; the impact will be; others will notice, the results are.

This is a brief overview of how this process works.

If you would like your business to be profiled, I would be happy to do so.

You then have the Golden Key to use this language in any and all of your marketing and all other applications that you so choose to make your business more effective in many applications.

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