Logo Design

Logos are a key and vital part of your business.

It is your BRANDING image of your business and services.

You want the whole world to know about it.

Consistency is key so that when people view your logo they are starting to gather a number of times that they see it, until they just KNOW it……

Same thing, when you first see the golden arches of McDonalds….. when you are younger, and then you build up a liking for Mcdonalds, then you see the golden arches and you say,, Can we go there ….. and so everytime when you see the Golden M you make associations based on past experiences…..

That is the same the people do for YOUR logo…..

It is the subconscious behaviour patterns that we want to help build for your clients, in a positive way….

So that when they are in the need of your service, they remember your logo, your business and call you vs someone else down the road….

Placement of logos.

  • Letterhead,
  • Fax,
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Email signatures
  • Website
  • Signage out front.
  • Vehicle signage.
  • Front entrance of your business behind front receptionist.
  • Window of your storefront.
  • Invoicing templates
  • All correspondence to clients.
  • Promo items.
  • Labels
  • Some clients place the logo that is on a label on the outside of envelopes as an extra seal. (of approval)
  • You can print your logo onto clear plastic sticky sheets and put on front windows, desks, anywhere… and can easily be moved…. Like the cling on stickies that you can get for easter for example. You put them away every year until next Easter….

Hope this helps to generate ideas.
Happy branding!