At Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing we know the value of having Meta Tag Keywords on our website pages. AND we want your website to have a solid basic foundation too.

These are the keywords that your clients would be typing into the search engines to find your services or product.

So when your website has them in them, then that search engine will display your website.
Your website is currently allowed 8 per page as per Googles current Algorithm criteria.

The key behind your meta tag keywords as to WHICH ones should be THE ones on your website pages, Is that they need to reflect and be relevant to the service that you are offering.

They have to be able to call to your ideal client and be specific to the service that you are offering.

If you require to upgrade your meta tag keywords or add them to your site, we are happy to help you with this service.

Our team does an extensive meta tag keyword research against the directories to ensure we are optimizing your website pages with the proper meta tag keywords to help your site get found by the proper clients who are looking for YOUR product or service.

To get started with your meta tag keyword upgrade simply fill out the information in the adjacent form and we will get started.

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