SEM (Search engine marketing)

Janice Cyrenne Internet Marketing has been supporting businesses to create, build, brand, market and help businesses grow since 2003.

As part of our online SEM marketing services we will upload your domain name onto
approx. 350 search engines that we currently have access to.

Once your domain nameis uploaded onto the search engines, then each of those search engines send their electronic robots to your website to gather your:

– URL address,
– title of each page,

– description and,
– meta tag keywords,

When your prospective clients are searching for your service or product and you have those keywords on your site (allowed 8 per page), then your site gets displayed on the search engine (such as Google)…. This is how it is done behind the scenes….

Helping you build your marketing foundation!

If you would like us to upload your new domain name onto the Search Engines for you, please phone us at 204.761.3680 or email us at and we wold be happy to do so for you.

We hope that we would have an opportunity to a dialogue to discuss your business marketing needs and to support you along your journey.

We would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavours and do look forward to hearing about your business and how it all fits into this amazing piece of the larger puzzle and connecting the world online.

We would be proud to be part of that.

Now that you have your new domain name, some items I would like to point out as a reminder for your consideration.

Please include your domain name on all of your business materials,,, this helps with branding your business and getting the word out there that you now are a proud owner of your domain name!!!

You can do so:

– On your business letterhead,
– On your business envelopes (yes, this is happening these days).
– On your business invoices to your clients
– Business cards
– Your quotes for your clients
– Posters
– In your email signature, along with your logo and contact info
– More….

We hope that this has been helpful information.

Happy Marketing!