You may think you are safe from pests because your home has a solid wall. However, these little insects find tiny passageways. They get into your house through tiny cracks, and it’s therefore hard to bug-proof your home. Here some of the areas you should inspect for any signs of pests.

The siding joint

Use a mirror to check the siding joint. It has a gap, mark with masking tape and ensure you seal it later. You can use caulk to seal and check it every year because it is ideal for pests such as termites to flourish.

  • Seal gaps in windows and doors

Most doors and windows tend to have some gaps. Apart from letting cold into your house, the gaps can also be a passageway for pests. Use adhesives and weatherstrips to seal all your windows and doors. Be sure to clean the surface before applying the weatherstrips for maximum adherence.

  • Check for any gaps in the dryer vent

Your dyer’s vents may be broken or stuck open. Also, examine the seal between your wall and the vent; it should be tight. When lose, it allows pests to enter into your house.

Look for areas with small openings, and you will be surprised to find even cobwebs. Insects are always looking for an excellent place to breed, and human homes make an excellent option for most of them.